Class 5 - Mrs Morgans' and Mrs Perry's Class

Bee Lady

We were lucky to have a visit from Alison, the bee lady!  She taught us about the anatomy of a bee and how important they are in helping flowers to reproduce.  We also built a beehive, labelled parts of a flower and looked at honeycomb.  We had an unbeeeeelievable day!

  DSC06520.jpg DSC06530.jpg

Ludlow Castle

We had a very enjoyable visit to Ludlow Castle.  We learned about life in a castle, dressed up as different people who lived there and had a banquet!  We completed different activities - labelling a castle, designing our own tiled floor and drawing different artefacts.  In the afternoon, we had our our tour of the castle and were lucky that no-one got left in the dungeons!

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Keeping Healthy

Year 2 have settled into the school year very well.  We have been learning all about healthy food, the importance of exercise and about how to keep clean.  We especially liked designing and making a healthy pizza!  We taste tested different bases and decided which one we liked the best.  We also chose our toppings deciding which would be the healthiest!  The best part was making our pizzas and getting to eat them at they end.  Most of us agreed that they tasted delicious!