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Class 4 - Ms Black's Class

Our class topic at the beginning of the year was ‘Ancient Greece’. We had a ‘dress as a Greek God or Goddess’ day where we learnt about the different Greek gods, goddesses and monsters. We acted out the Ancient Greek creation myth, made Top Trumps for the different gods and painted the monster Cerberus.  In English we studied examples of Ancient Greek myths, wrote our own version of a myth and studied the adventures of Odysseus, writing instructions on making a Trojan Horse and another Greek monster of our choosing.  We have learnt and retold the Battle of Marathon, learning about the importance of the different Greek city states and their hoplites that fought in the unique fighting strategy of a phalanx. Class 4 were so inspired by their instructions to make a fabric Medusa that we have taken that concept forward into our second topic of ‘Predators’. We are learning all about snakes as predators and each child is using that knowledge to design, machine stitch and hand stitch a fabric snake. These will eventually go on display in the corridor outside Class 4 to create Medusa’s head.