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Class 7 - Mrs Fleming's class

iPads.jpgWe have been using the iPads with Mr Smith to learn about

  • How to program a Bee Bot to move in forwards, backwards and how to turn left and right
  • How to sequence instructions to make the Bee Bot what we want it to do.
  • How to make a digital robot called ALEX move in different direction. You can download a free app for iPads here.
  • How to take pictures and videos on the iPad and how to delete unwanted ones

All the students have developed their confidence when using an iPad. This will help them develop new digital skills.

This half term we have been learning about friendship. We bought our teddy bears into school to play with and learned about making new friends. We also have been reading books about friendship.

We have been measuring using different equipment. We have used unifix cubes, paperclips and cuisennaire rods. We also experimented making toy cars travel for short and long distances.