School Governors are a group of volunteers who help to run the School, they are called the 'Governing Body'. They are involved in decisions about all aspects of managing the School, such as running the buildings, budgets and supporting staff. Governors help and support the headteacher in making decisions about the School.  None of the governors have any Business Interests in the school. 

Our Governors are:

 Clerk (appointed by the Local Authority) 
Mr. John Hemmings

Mrs. Jacqueline Carter
 Co-opted Governors (appointed by governors)                   Term of Office       Appointed     Stepped Down         
 Ms. Jane Courtney
 (16/03/2024)  (16/07/2012) 
 Miss. Rachel Hunter  (07/05/2021) (16/03/2017) (07/05/2021)
 Mrs Anna Lloyd  (15/03/2021) (16/03/2017) 
 Mrs. Lorraine Edwards  (26/02/2019) (27/02/2015) (06/11/2018)
 Mrs. Marjorie Wright  (06/03/2023) (07/03/2019) 
 Mr. Ian Mansfield
 Mrs. Clare Dangerfield (Chair)
 Mr. Alan Sawyers (Vice Chair)
 Mrs. Kelly Duppa


 Local Authority Governors

 Jean Jones
 Father Christopher Penn


 Parent Governors    
 Mr. Matthew Bulley  (13/06/2021) (14/06/2013) (24/10/2018)
 Mr. Alan Sawyers (Vice Chair)  (07/05/2021) (17/12/2012) 
 Mrs. Clare Dangerfield  (09/11/2020) (09/11/2016) 
 Mrs. Vicki Hunt  (29/11/2019) (30/11/2015) (14/11/2018)

 Mrs. Kelly Duppa
 Mrs. Kelly Horler
 Mr. Lee Garland
 Mrs. Bella Freeman
 Mrs. Lucy Morgan
 Mr. Adam Wilson


 Staff Governors (appointed by staff)
Mrs. Stephanie Beard
 Mrs. Joanne Morgans  (17/11/2022)(24/10/2018)  (16.06.2019 - Deceased)

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Below is information about the Governor's Committees:

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